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The Chimney Scrubber for Chimney Sweeps

The Chimney Scrubber Features

FLEXIBLE... The Chimney Scrubber easily passes thru chimney constrictions and cannot become stuck as bristle brushes often do.

3 SIZES.... Three sizes fit all flues, round, square, rectangular. Each size firmly fits the largest flue for which it is designed.

OPEN DESIGN... The Chimney Scrubber cannot become clogged with chimney deposits. The open design allows debris to fall thru the brush. This feature, together with flexibility prevents sticking and jamming and makes the Chimney Scrubber particularly easy and safe to use.

A PERMANENT TOOL... All stainless steel cleaning elements and machine quality cast iron core make the Chimney Scrubber virtually indestructible.

100% surface coverage with a brush that NEVER CLOGS and NEVER GETS STUCK. Say goodbye to poles that must be wrestled into a flue. The Chimney Scrubber molds itself into the flue's shape and passes over thimbles, mortar joints, cracked tiles and around corners on crooked and corbled chimneys.

If you take pride in your work, you'll appreciate the thoroughness of this tool. Flexible design scrapes creosote out of the corners that bristle brushes can't touch. Made of machine grade cast iron and stainless steel this heavy duty brush never wears out and comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

10 x 10 Brush
For use on:

10x10 Vermont brush

  • 8 x 8 square tiles
  • 6" round clay flues
  • 6" double walled stainless steel liners.
  • $209
  • $219 Heavy Duty
10 X 14 Brush
For use on:

10 x 14 brush

  • 8 x 12 rectangular tiles
  • 7" and 8" round clay flues
  • 7" and 8" double walled stainless steel liners
  • $229
  • $239 Heavy Duty
16 X 16 Brush
For use on:

16 x 16 Vermont brush

  • 12 x 12 square tiles
  • 9" & 10" round clay flues
  • 9" & 10" double walled stainless steel liners
  • $259
  • $269 Heavy Duty

About The Brushes:

Geniusly Designed. PATENTED. Machine quality cast iron core, schedule 40 spine, .065 STAINLESS STEEL scrubbers custom wound for maximum tension and scrubbing. Tensile rated to 100 lbs., heat rated to 1200 degrees F. Beta tested for three years by Vermont Firemen. ONE YEAR WARANTEE.

To Use: Attach appropriate weight and attach to chain. Plunge down flue or pull up from clean out door. Pass over affected area until tension is no longer felt.

Additional Products:

Cast Iron Cannonball Weight


10 lb. Cast Iron Cannonball Weight with 3/4" ID lifting eye. Machine grade cast iron ball has a hundred uses. Great for pulling brushes down slanted chimneys. $99.00 + $19.00 shipping.

Torpedo Weight


10 lb. Torpedo Weight 1.875" x 16" cold rolled steel with 3/8" welded lifting hook. Sash weight style but also perfect for opening blockages. $99.00 + $19.00 shipping.

CHAIN 1/8 Stainless Steel, Corrosion Resistant, 410# Work Load, 9.25 lbs Beta tested for three years by Vermont Firemen. LIFETIME GUARANTEE. $159.00

MIRROR double-dielectic coated 1/4" acrylic $5.00

Carry/Storage Bag 100% Flame retardant CSFM Title 19, NFPA 701. 18.5/sq. yd. High Tensile Strength 375x375 sq. in. Tongue tear 100x100/sq. in. Reinforced bottom. Bar tacked zig zag stitched. Automobile quality carrying strap. Mirror storage compartment. Beta tested for three years by Vermont Firemen. $159.00

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