Chimney Scrubber

Preventing and Fighting Chimney Fires Since 1995


Simply the BEST chimney brush EVER. It doesn't just clean IT SCRUBS! Flexible Stainless steel coils mold to the shape of the chimney flue making for 100% surface scrubbing. Open design cannot become clogged with chimney deposits. Easily passes through chimney constrictions and cannot become stuck like bristle brushes. Cast iron and stainless steel construction make it a permanent tool. Perfect for homeowners, chimney sweeps and firemen.

For Fire Departments

The Fire Scrubber for Fire Departments

The Fire Scrubber

Made of extra heavy stainless steel and machine quality cast iron the CHIMNEY SCRUBBER brush can be hurled into a raging chimney fire to scrape the burning sidewalls clean.

For Homeowners

The Chimney Scrubber for Homeowners

The Chimney Scrubber

Avoid chimney fires with this easy-to-use tool to clean your chimney easily and without all the mess!

For Chimney Sweeps

The Vermont Brush for Chimney Sweeps

The Vermont Brush

Chimney Sweepers will appreciate the thoroughness of this tool. Flexible design scrapes creosote out of the corners that bristle brushes can't touch.

The Chimney Scrubber™
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