The Ultimate Chimney Fire Clearing and Prevention System

Designed and tested by firefighters for
reliable and immediate results when it counts

It Doesn't Just Clean, It Scrubs

Simply the BEST chimney brush EVER. It doesn't just clean, IT SCRUBS! Flexible Stainless steel coils mold to the shape of the chimney flue making for 100% surface scrubbing. Open design cannot become clogged with chimney deposits. Easily passes through chimney constrictions and cannot become stuck like bristle brushes. Cast iron and stainless steel construction make it a permanent tool. Perfect for homeowners, chimney sweeps and firefighters.

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What is The Chimney Scrubber Brush?


Made from high quality stainless steel and cast iron, the Chimney Scrubber system is easy to deploy for quick chimney fire extinguishing and clearing.


Prevent chimney fires with this easy-to-use chimney cleaning system for protection against creosote any time of the year.


In 2008, Matt Kiley enlisted the support of local Vermont fire departments and over the next year and half strengthened the coils to withstand the high temps of burning creosote, improved the chain for better handling and added a selection of weights for different chimney designs and fire situations, such as blockages.

The kit premiered at the 2009 New England Fire Chiefs Convention. Eleven departments from four different states bought the system. Each of them, as well as an ever growing list of departments, use this tool and love it for its speed, effectiveness and storability.

Preventing and Fighting Chimney Fires Since 1995

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