Intro to the New Chimney Scrubber

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Intro to the New Chimney Scrubber

Welcome to Chimney Scrubber. My name is Ben Pasquino and my wife, Cassie Pasquino, and I purchased the business from Matt Kiley in May 2020. To make this a more family owned business, we also purchased the business with my wife’s parents, Jeff & Cindy Berwick. Adding to our credibility, Jeff Berwick is the chief of Peacham Vermont Fire Department for over 30 years. He knows a fair amount about fires, and specifically chimney fires.

My background is in brand management and development of brands in the manufacturing industry. Cassie’s background is in International Sales, Accounting, and Customer Service in the manufacturing industry, in which she still works in the industry. We felt when this opportunity came around, it would be a great opportunity for us to continue producing a great product that can help firefighters save lives and homeowners prevent chimney fires. 

Our family currently is Cassie and I with our son Bentley (2 years old) and daughter Charlotte (6 months old). This makes life extremely interesting. Trying to learn a new business, learning more about chimneys and chimney fires than I ever thought I would, keeping the kids entertained and safe during a pandemic, and not losing our minds. It has been a challenge but a great opportunity to spend more quality time with our kids and help them bond with us even more than ever.

Please stay with us as we can’t wait to share more about us, this business, and our project with you!

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For More Information on this subject, or The Chimney Scrubber in general, contact us at or call us at 802-592-3965.

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